Character Category

Full Moon Character

The Phantom-guard is one of the Full Moon Roaming Characters. Phantom-guards only appear during the Full Moon Event. You can find it roaming in the Yard of the 1st floor of the manor.

Dialogbox phantom-guard

Quote Box Torments! Endless torments!
Description Use magic salt to banish the phantoms of knight from the Manor until thy aren't stay here forever.
Banish Requirements
# of Attacks 1

Magic-salt Magic Salt (1) / Instant Banishment: 10


Energy-35 35

Items droppedEdit

Experience Experience-symbol ??
Coins Coins-symbol ??
Collection Items
Item Image Notes
A chain with a sphere A-chain-with-a-sphere --
Ghostly portrait Ghostly-portrait --
Phial with poison Phial-with-poison --
Shroud Shroud --
Sinister dagger Sinister-dagger --
Charging Items
Item Image Notes
Aspen Branch Aspen-branch --
Flaming Skull Flaming-skull --
Garlic Garlic --
Good Luck Charm Good-luck-charm --
Silver bullet Silver-bullet --

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