Charging resultsEdit

Charged Item Triceratops Head
Gifts after charging

Items in the collectionEdit

Kraken Tentacle Sabre-toothed Tiger Fang Pterodactyl Wing Mammonth Tusk Tyrannosaurus Skull
Image File:Kraken-tentacle.png Sabre-toothed-tiger-fang Pterodactyl-wing Mammonth-tusk File:Tyrannosaurus-skull.png
Can be gifted? yes yes yes yes yes
Can be requested? yes yes yes yes yes
Room exploration
Quests -- -- -- -- --
Roaming Characters -- -- -- -- --
Chests -- -- -- -- --
Store -- -- -- -- --
Other -- -- -- -- --

Requisite ItemsEdit

These items are required to charge the collection.
Name Image Quantity
Schrodinger's Crate Schrodingers-crate 1
Schrodinger's Box Schrodingers-box 1
Schrodinger's Casket Schrodingers-casket 1
Klein Vase Klein-vase 1

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