Charging resultsEdit

Charged Item Empire Cake
Gifts after charging Cup of Coffee

Items in the collectionEdit

Napoleon Cake Obama Chocolate Mousse Caesar Fruit Salad Victoria Rum Cake Mikado Sweet Roll
Image Napoleon-cake Obama-chocolate-mousse Caesar-fruit-salad Victoria-rum-cake Mikado-sweet-roll
Can be gifted? yes yes yes yes yes
Can be requested? yes yes yes yes yes
Room exploration Living Room, Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Living Room Bedroom
Quests -- -- -- -- --
Roaming Characters -- -- -- -- --
Chests -- -- -- -- --
Store -- -- -- -- --
Other -- -- -- -- --

Requisite ItemsEdit

These items are required to charge the collection.
Name Image Quantity
Double Mobius Band Double-mobius-band 1
Schrodinger's Box Schrodingers-box 1
Schrodinger's Crate Schrodingers-crate 1
Mobius Bow Mobius-bow 1

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