Haughty Succubus



Character Category

Full Moon Character

The Haughty Succubus is one of the Full Moon Roaming Characters. Haughty Succubi only appear during the Full Moon Event. You can find it roaming in the Yard of the manor. The Haughty Succubus will only appear after you have gotten the quest for the Haughty Succubus.


Dialogbox haughty-succubus

Quote Box You will not escape from my charm!
Description Banish the succubus with a silver rolling pin.
Banish Requirements
# of Attacks 1

Silver-rolling-pin Silver rolling pin (1)


Energy-30 30

Items droppedEdit

Experience Experience-symbol ??
Coins Coins-symbol ??
Collection Items
Item Image Notes
Broken heart Broken-heart --
Love potion Love-potion --
Mystical mirror Mystical-mirror --
Succubus lash Succubus-lash --
Succubus shoes Succubus-shoes --
Charging Items
Item Image Notes
Aspen Branch Aspen-branch --
Flaming Skull Flaming-skull --
Garlic Garlic --
Good Luck Charm Good-luck-charm --
Silver bullet Silver-bullet --

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