Brides of Strigoi



Character Category

Castle of Strigoi Characters

The Brides of Strigoi are Castle of Strigoi characters who roam the Yard of the manor.


Dialogbox brides-of-strigoi

Quote Box Our love, we are waiting for you!
Description Use the silver comb to banish brides of Vampire Lord
Banish Requirements
# of Attacks 9

Silver-comb Silver comb (1) / Instant banishment: 9


Energy-20 20 / Instant banishment: 180

Items droppedEdit

Experience Experience-symbol 100
Coins Coins-symbol 300
Collection Items
Item Image Notes
Bunch of black roses Ruby-bracelet Vicious love collection
Ruby bracelet Bunch-of-black-roses Vicious love collection
Scarlet wedding veil Scarlet-wedding-veil Vicious love collection
Charging Items
Item Image Notes
Black umbrella Black-umbrella --
Sunscreen Sunscreen --
Miscellaneous Items
Item Image Notes
Key of the castle File:Key-of-the-castle.png --
Vampire Goblet File:Vampire-goblet.png --

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